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27 October 2015
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PC optimizer is complete optimization software packed with tools which keeps the PC clean, runs fast and is trouble free. If you want to run your computer with full performance then an effective and versatile PC Optimizer is required. There are several free PC Optimizer available in the market that helps to run your computer with full performance. Usually Swift Pc Optimizer is considered to be one of the best PC optimizer. A PC Optimizer cleans the PC and helps it to run faster and makes it trouble-free.

Features of PC Optimizer

The feature of PC optimizer is it cleans and has user friendly user interface. The interface consists of multiple icons which represent various components of the software bundle to increase PC performance. Hence users need to click on the icon to repair any computer related issues. Multiple components include PC Optimization, security advisor, disk defragmentation, registry cleaner etc. All these utilities are incorporated to enhance the performance of the PC. The PC Optimizer improves performance, diagnoses and resolves computer problems, cleans internet files, unused files, hard disk drives etc. Computer optimization programs also helps keep the megabytes and gigabytes travelling swiftly. If the PC is not optimised, it takes longer to access the data on the hard drive thus slowing down the computer.

Advantages of PC Optimizer

-         PC Optimizers are user friendly and have simple user interface.

-         It cleans the hard disk to maximum use of it.

-         It boosts the speed and performance of the PC.

-         Specific icons are available for specific work.

-         It keeps a track of windows updates, system restore and firewall status.

-         Optimize computer registry.

-         Increase internet speed.

-         Increase boot time.

-         Fix computer errors.

-         Update system drivers.


Problems and solution in PC

The major problem that any PC can have today is redundant data. This results in running out of free disk space. The biggest cause for it is that the programs constantly save log files. Most recently used list are stored in the computer but not deleted. This results in logging. With passage of time, it leads to disk space issue resulting in application issue. Therefore the PC Optimizer can clean the disk at regular interval freeing the disk space.

The next category of problems that is present in most PC is the start up problem, data being corrupted or damaged, critical files missing etc. This is mostly caused by power outages, hardware defects which leads to file system errors and hence reliability and security is compromised. Therefore PC optimizer checks for disk sectors, file and folder structure, security descriptors, indexes and prevents data loss and reliability issues.

Last but not the least most of the PC and laptop have battery problems. The laptop battery keeps dying or in case of power cuts, the power back up in the PC is less and your desktop uses too much power. The root cause for this issue is that neither PC nor laptops are set up to give the best battery backup or power efficiency. Even enabling the power saving option also keeps consuming more power than it really should. Hence PC Optimizer puts an end to these problems and prolongs the battery life. It upgrades the battery power for a fraction of the cost.

There are number of free PC Optimizer which provides free PC optimize and enhances the overall PC performance and speed. Hence a computer must have PC Optimizer. Also free PC Optimizer is available to download which increases the computer speed and the utilities available in an optimizer package is of great help and advantageous for the smooth working of the PC.

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